Sleep…I never appreciated you! 

I’ve basically been single forever, and for the last several years I’ve actually lived alone. No roommates, just me.

Because of the paperwork craziness that would occur, I’m not moving out of the one bedroom guest house anytime soon. That means Bubba and I are sharing a room for the foreseeable future. 

Bubba is a mover. He doesn’t stop moving, even when asleep. This first week he’s been here, he sleeps through the night….I don’t yet. 

Every noise. Every groan. Every turn. Every silence. 

Is he waking? Is he breathing? Is he ok?

It’s the last three weeks of school, and I haven’t gotten a full nights sleep. 

I’m so tired.

My coworkers, all moms, just nod with understanding in their eyes. 


Praying I get his sounds down so I can get some sleep!!! Finals are coming! 

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