Privacy, I hardly knew you! 

I never knew I might have to use the toilet with an audience. 

I have my place pretty well proofed –  medicines all locked up, nothing breakable or sharp below 3 feet. Plus I keep a gate over the bathroom door, so my curious little monkey can’t get into something I’ve missed…like the garbage.

In the first few days, if I dropped out of sight, he freaked out. Until he found me. 

On the toilet. 

He looked at me with more confusion. Seriously, why was I sitting in what looked to be an uncomfortable chair and not in the living room with him??

So now, if he’s awake, he observes my progress. He can ignore me in the living room, but walk away for a second….to the magical forbidden bathroom…

Nothing like pee performance anxiety! Especially when a toddler is staring you down. 

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