I had a cute little clutch once…

The kid has so much stuff! 😱

Moving in was an adventure. I had it all planned, then the stuff started being delivered from his original foster mom (my landlord and friend T). So I adjusted. 

Then more stuff came. More adjustments. 

Then my family found the registry.

Then I had the showers. One from my church life group and one from my coworkers. 

Totally blessed, but where to put it all?!? More adjustments. 

On a regular basis I don’t actually have to travel with that much. Daycare keeps diapers and wipes. Unless we plan an outing, then it’s diaper bag time. I actually have decided to leave one in the car. Diapers, wipes, empty sippy-cup, change of clothes. Just in case.

Planning a trip to visit my family, and the realization of what needs to travel or be in place for a kiddo.

Borrowing a car seat so we don’t have to travel with one. Mom & Dad bought second-hand high chair and pack-and-play for crib. Trying to decide what exactly we need to carry-on (empty skippy-cup, iPad, snack holder, diapers, wipes, etc.).

I used to carry a little clutch and my phone. Sigh. 

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