I can’t fix everything 

In the last two days of school, my little guy got sick. 

Wednesday night – super restless sleep

Thursday – fever throughout day (T sat with him for a couple hours so that I could give the facult commencement address for my 8th graders)

Thursday night – less sleep than night before

Friday – still fever, so I took him to the doctor (thankfully they got us in within 30 minutes) … Bronchitis and ear infection

Three weeks into motherhood and I have an inconsolable kiddo who HATES the medicine. Where the heck is Mary Poppins and her spoonful of sugar?!? 

Face mask attachment for the inhaler and the liquid Tylenol for the fever. Both of which he fights like I am satan trying to kill him. 

He didn’t sleep from Friday 5am until he FINALLY fell asleep after 7pm. His little body finally slept after fighting sleep for so long.

It broke my heart. Every time he cried. Every time I had to force the needed medicine into his body. Every time I held him in comfort after. 

I’m a fixer by nature, so not really being able to fix this was a rough lesson. Plus I missed wrapping up my school year as normal. Left without grades done, classroom cleaned, meetings cancelled. The only school thing I did was Thursday night graduation.

Lesson in loss of control. Lesson in tough love. Lesson in plans awry. Lesson in lettin go. 

He’s better – fever finally broke Sunday. Just a cough now. 

It’s all easier from here out, right? 😳

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