An object in motion…

I can tell he’s feeling better because he’s everywhere! Our afternoon plans got cancelled due to weather, so we were inside…all day.

Luckily he did nap, and is taking a second one. And even better – we have evening plans that will hopefully tire him out tonight! 

I love when the nursery volunteers at church describe him as busy. Really? You don’t say? 

He is all motion…even in sleep. 

I’m finally used to the sounds of his constant motion in bed. He makes every position known to man to make in a crib. I’ll even see an arm or leg sticking out of the sides. 

At whatever point I need to convert it to a day bed, I’m going to need a bigger rail than the one they send. He will just end up out of the bed anyway! 

But then there is that pause moment, when he walks up to me and holds his arms up, and we sit. It may just be a cuddle for a minute before he’s off again, but it steals my heart every time. 

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