Adventures at Disneyland

I have an annual pass to Disneyland. It’s pricey, but it’s been my splurge. The best part is Bubba is free until he’s 3! Woo!! 

I’m one of those people who only takes bare minimum into the park. And I refuse to be the mom above…so three trips into Disneyland…

We made our first adventure shortly after transferring into my custody. T came along with since she had a remaining ticket day that was about to expire. It was chaotic, but fine. He peed on me twice. As I was changing him. He met Mickey (with obligatory “WTF?!?!” expression on his face. Priceless! Didn’t own the backpack/leash yet, so no walking around for him. No rides, but all I really wanted was to see how he did, get an idea of the tram (is it better to just walk from garage?), and get the Mickey pic. Oh and his “first time” button.

I went a second time by myself the afternoon after a visit with maternal grandma. It was halfway there and what the heck. I planned for it. Still managed to forget his cup, his sunglasses, and extra sunscreen. We rode one ride (Monsters, Inc), which he did great! Looked around, but never freaked out. He loves walking around, and actually likes his backpack/leash. I think he knows it gives him freedom. Attempted a photo op with Captain Ameirca (hoped face character wouldn’t be so freaky), but the line was closed. Discovered the boy LOVES a parade. 

Third time was my birthday. I almost had everything (left his sunglasses in the car again, and forgot the bib), but had sunscreen and snacks and cup! It was super awesome because I got a compliment on the way in. My only stroller at the moment is one of those super basic fold-up models. No under storage. No folding to lie down. Basic. After the trip to AZ, I use one of those super slim string backpacks as a storage. After stopping at the bathrooms for both our sakes, I had him walking to the tram with his little backpack/leash. All it had was some puffs in a zip bag, but it’s his. Some ladies walk by me and say, “You are the smartest mom I’ve seen, small stroller, he’s got his own bag. You are awesome!” 

I thought, yes!!! I’m only a month into this parent gig and I’m getting it!!!! 

Best part – finally got his sillhouette from Main Street done. 

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