Car seat issues

My new favorite Instagram to follow speaks to me! I am having such car seat issues! 

In California, children have to remain rear facing until 2 years old or 50 pounds. This is as of January 1st….but Bubba turns 2 in February. So if I resolve my problems now, I will have to swap him back in January. No thanks! 

For now I will deal with:

1) my crappy car AC, which doesn’t circulate around to the rear-facing seat, so I have a stroller fan clipped to the seat belt to give him some breeze. He’s very particular about making sure it’s on when he gets in (don’t blame him!) and watching it turn off when we get out.

2) as in the photo above, seriously check out the Instagram – so hilarious!!! – he will make it a challenge to get buckled. Which means I end up a sweaty mess in this obnoxious heat! 

3) he can’t really see me, so he wants to hold my hand (not complaining he wants to hold my hand!), which means I’m stretched out and my elbow & shoulder are all over-extended. 

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