Bath time pondering

As I head back to school (tomorrow we start all the meetings), I’ve been trying to get our routine down. Ok who am I kidding, it’s the night time I have trouble with. Mornings we are pretty set, it’s more about me not sitting and cuddling with him all morning since I actually have a class to teach at 8am soon! 

In the getting out the door, I put his clothes into his backpack, since day care changes him after nap time. We brush our teeth (some days he lets me brush his teeth, other days he just wants to suck on the toothbrush). Put our shoes on -he’s  getting the “spot” to go to for that. Grab the bags and go. 

Bed time is rough because I never really had a routine myself (beyond wash face, brush teeth, crawl into bed)  The plus side, right now my little guy LOVES the water, so bath time is a fave. So the routine involves a bath of some sorts each night, with most of the nights not using soap an being pretty quick. Put Jammie’s on, and try to brush teeth. Then a bit of quiet (no tv or music). Attempting to work a bedtime story into the mix, but he’s still not a sit (except for the mornings, hence the cuddle delemia!). Then off to bed with a zippy cup of water.

It’s sounds like it’s a working plan, but I just don’t feel like it’s a routine yet. Been working on this since May 17th! LOL 

Here’s to a new school year as a new mom! 

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