Being a Teacher Mom

A friend posted this great article, which spoke to me: 

While I ended the last three weeks of school as a mom, this is the first year I am starting as a mom. I’ve been making conscious decisions to pull back from extraneous responsibilities, and luckily my boss and fellow teachers have not begrudge to me that change of pace.

I am intrigued to see how being a mom changes me as a teacher. I definitely don’t think I was the perfect teacher before, and being a mom won’t suddenly make me the perfect teacher now, but I can already see how it’s impacting me in my preparations. 

On the eve of school, in spite of the mounds of laundry, loads of dishes, and garbage can to empty, Bubba and I had a dance party. I figured all of that will still be here, but dancing with my boy is the most important school prep I can do! 

Here we go, my 10th year as a teacher and my first year as a mom! 

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