First week of school done! 

Made it through my 10th first week of school, and first as a teacher-mom. Trying to play catchup with the house while Bubba attempts to nap…ok really I decided to sit down with a bowl of ice cream which I don’t let him see. 

Not going lie, the house wasn’t fully together before school started, and I was so tired I didn’t get lots done while home. I love that my days off and his “days off” match, so even though I’m busy this morning I’m still with him. Although that makes my pre-Bubba Saturday morning tradition of a deep cleaning a thing of the past. *sigh*

How do other working, single moms keep up? Or is that some sort of Pintrest fallacy that I need to get over? At least until he’s an adult? 😜

I may have to assume 15 minutes of quiet time is all I’ll get this morning. Back to cleaning with my little tornado running around before we leave for a grandma visit. 

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