Bubba had a court date to begin termination of parental rights on Thursday…and my adoption social worker didn’t get my home inspection done in time to be approved for the court date she knew about for months. She informed me of this Thursday afternoon.

Almost weekly she kept asking me for new info, the same info, new forms, etc. 

I live in a guest house and instead of asking me for everything the adults in the main house would need for my report, she dropped requests over the course of months. Forms…more forms…Live scan…interview…the last was TB tests. Why she didn’t ask me all of this in MAY?!?!

As of Friday I was waiting to hear from someone (his lawyer’s office, his social worker, my adoption social worker) for what went down in court. If the judge decided to continue the termination to await the final report, or if he began the termination without the final report.

I’m hoping a human answers my questions today. I tried to be calm and very “It’s in God’s hands anyway”, but I’m ready to find out if our show is on the road or stranded on the side of the highway! 

Bubba has been in foster care since the day he was born – over 18 months now!!!! 

Breathing. Breathing. Breathing. 

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