I’m glad I bought wine

Bath time went something like this:

He really loved splashing tonight. I’m soaked. 

Getting him out of the tub, he decided he didn’t need to be still while in the towel and almost wiggled himself into a head injury on the bathtub edge. 

I grab him up and try to get out of the bathroom without him whacking himself on the dresser or the door way. 

We make it to the bed, and he’s in constant motion and almost wiggles head first off onto the floor! 

Even though I know I can’t reason with a 19-month-old, but I try to explain why I won’t let him flail around. 

He gets upset. 

And flails more. 

I set him in his bed to get his water, since I’m not looking for a black eye from his flailing, and he SCREAMS like I’m killing him. 

Luckily once he had his water he settled right down. 

And now wine for mama. 

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