How long can clean clothes stay in the basket?

It’s been much more of a challenge to keep up with life…who knew kids did that to you? 

Sunday it was just warm enough to play in the pool until mid morning, which earned me an hour plus nap from Bubba that allowed me to grade a test and two sets of reading quizzes, as well as some planning! BB (Before Bubba) I disliked bringing grading home, or rather taking a 4-hour coffee break at my local coffee chain store to grade essays, but I don’t get anything done once home now. 

Spent his awake time working on his Halloween costume and taking necessary play breaks with the boy! While we didn’t really pick up the toys from a full day at home playing, I did manage to get some dishes washed this morning. 

I washed clothes a few days ago, but they are still sitting in the laundry basket.

So I mostly teacher-mom’d successfully today! Where’s my unicorn???

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