Hush little baby…

For about three weeks, Bubba has been waking at 2 AM. For the most part, he will only settle with milk. I don’t want to give him milk since he won’t get up for another four hours. It’s been rough.

Let me preface this with a pattern that I inherited a win custody transferred to me: when he would wake up about 5 AM and they wanted a little more time, they would give him a milk cup and he go back to sleep for another hour or two, and then be  ready to face the day. They said I needed to make sure and get it to him before he was really awake otherwise it was all over. So the first few weeks I was totally paranoid about missing the window, that I didn’t really sleep well waking at every little noise. 

We got a routine, and I finally figured out when the 5 AM noise would be.

And then suddenly came the 2 AM wake up.

The first couple of days I would check on him, to make sure he didn’t have a fever or something was wrong. When I realize nothing is actually wrong I tried giving him a cup of cold water or a cup with water and a dash of milk. But he somehow knew it wasn’t a milk cup. 

I just wanted to sleep, so I’ve actually moved into the living room. In doing a little research online, I found that that type of behavior would often become a pattern after a random thing of being woken for one reason or another. I checked with is OT and she agreed that it had just become a habit. Her suggestion was kind of the typical don’t make eye contact, don’t touch if you can, don’t go in for longer and longer intervals, etc. One thing she suggested that I’m kind of in love with is this tapering of milk.

The first night I had a four ounce bottle prepared, the next night was 3.5 ounce, the next night is three, etc. she said it would take nine days but the goal is to actually read him off of her morning bottle. I told her I was totally fine with nine days, especially since I was going on three weeks of being woken at least once every night, and if I could wean him off of having a bottle until he wakes up that would be good for me. 

For the last two nights he still woken right at 2 AM, sometime in the 3 o’clock hour, and then again right around five. The 2 AM and a 3 AM wake ups he’s actually gone back to sleep relatively quickly, especially since I purposely wait to go in, as opposed to going in as soon as he wakes up to soothe him. He hasn’t seem to have any sort of issue with the reduced milk levels, and tonight is 3 ounces.

I am worried since he started to sound congested as I got it ready for bed, and he’s kind of had a few moments of waking up crying. I’m just hoping he’s not getting sick since we have a big weekend this weekend. 

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