Help me out Disney! 

In the 5 months of life with Bubba, my beige carpet suddenly looked like avant garde modern art. I might have been able to frame and sell some of the patterns….maybe I missed out on that one. 

I lost my drivers license, and time time I could get an appointment was in the middle of my classes, so it was easier to take the entire day off than try to get a sub to cover haphazardly. After my DMV appointment, I rented a carpet cleaner and spent the day cleaning. 

It was glorious. 

Sad to say, but it was. It was like a Saturday cleaning before Bubba. He was at daycare and I got so much done! It wasn’t crazy hot, and the carpet dried out pretty quickly with all the windows open. 

We even went to dinner at the school fundraiser that night to keep things clean. I’ve decided the most difficult part of making life happen for the two of us is keeping up with the cleaning. 

He gets grumpy if I’m locked away behind the kitchen gate, but I feel that I can’t start banging dishes around right when he goes to bed because Mr. FOMO will think it’s a party! 

I don’t necessarily need a Disney prince, but a few Disney creature cleaners would be lovely! 

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