Waiting is painful

Since my adoption social worker didn’t have my adoption home inspection completed for Bubba’s first TPR court date in September, it was continued until November 3rd. She had all of the interviews completed and all the information she needed even with her asking for something new every week or so since May. 

About a month ago I emailed the social worker to check on the status on my report…..she told me it had been so busy with the Jewish holidays that she wasn’t done, but it should be done with about two weeks for her supervisor to read and approve. 

A week ago I emailed asking for an update, and she said she wasn’t done due to family emergency, but it should be done by Friday to go to her supervisor who usually only takes a day or two. 

No word if she got it done yet. 

All I care about is will it be ready by the 3rd! If it’s not, that can delay the termination hearing again. As it is, we’re looking at Bubba turning 2 in the foster system for sure. Argh!!!

I know social workers are overloaded, but an extra two months to write and we’re taking it down to the wire?!?! 

Patience is not one of my virtues. 

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