Daylight savings is a pain! 

For my first Daylight Savings with a small child, it was relatively smooth. I’ve had cats, and I’ve been woken up at obscene hours for daylight savings because the cat was hungry. Luckily but they played along little bit better.

He slept until 6am, so 7am normal time. At least we weren’t up at 5am the new time, especially since he was with a sitter the night before/of the change. (Had a mommy night out!! Went to dinner with a coworker and her boyfriend who was a former coworker of mine, and we were all going to see a high school play that former students for him.) 

He basically refused to nap until noon, which was odd for him, but he actually fell asleep in the car on the way home from the grocery store, which is not unusual.

The ladies in the nursery on Sunday night mentioned that he seemed really tired, but of course because his buddy thought it was later than it actually was. Managed to get him to bed at what would be normal time after daylight savings. He woke up a little early on Monday morning, but not before me.

I tried to keep them awake as long as possible, but he actually went to bed shortly after seven, so hoping we have a decent night tonight.

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