He’s sick again

The weekend before Christmas he started coughing. That Monday I tried to get into his doctor since we were leaving town Tuesday. They said they had no openings and to go to urgent care. The doctor did a quick check, I can’t even remember if he looked in Bubba’s ears, and said bronchitis (which is what I thought) and gave me a 5-day run of a med and he albuerol inhaler. 

We did the run, and while he would cough when he ran (which is normal), he seemed to be all better. We came home theTuesday  after Christmas. The following Sunday he started coughing again. By Monday it was a wet cough. I had planned to get him into his doctor when they opened back up, and then he woke up with a 102.5 temp! He was on fire!!

I walked into the doctor’s office, even though they don’t take walk-ins. They finally saw us.

Double ear infections and bronchitis again. 10-day run of amoxicillin, 5-day prednesolone, and albuterol. 

Now the fun part…he HATES taking the medicine. He’s good with the inhaler for the most part, but liquids it’s a fight. For a little human, he’s strong and I have short arms. I have to wrap him in a towel, loop my legs around his and try to squirt it in so that he doesn’t choke on it! 

It’s been a long week.

Oh and I’m supposed to be back at school, but c’est la vie! 

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