Another 3-day weekend…

He has a fever again. I got a call from day care as I was getting ready to leave campus that he had a fever. We got home and it was at least 100, but he pulled out the thermometer before it could finalize (side note-I have GOT to get a faster working thermostat!). Before I left campus I made sure all my lesson and and handouts were out, so at least I was able to prep for my sub. 

Here’s hoping his fever abates overnight and we don’t have another round of bronchitis having our way! 

2 thoughts on “Another 3-day weekend…

  1. Good luck!! Praying for healing and that no else gets sick as well!
    P.S They have digital thermometers now that you can just place on the forehead for around $15. So worth it!♡♡

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