Toddlers and behavior

I’m following several blogs, and they all have similar advice for keeping your cool with a toddler. I know I’m a control freak, so having a little tornado run through my life is a total game changer, but is it really not until kid 2 that you let it go? 

I try to save “no” or a raised voice for dangerous things, so he learns when I do that it’s urgent to listen to me. I don’t always succeed. 

He hits when frustrated and has pulled my hair (kid is strong) when we play. How do I address that behavior without encouraging it because I’m paying attention to it? 

He’s started watching me when he does something he knows he’s not supposed to, like pull on a cord or climb on something. Who knew that started so early?!?!

We have lots of routines going well, but then suddenly it’s like he’s never had a diaper change before. Why?!?

And the poop spreading hasn’t stopped. He did it yesterday at daycare. Twice now at daycare in the last month. How do I stop that? Does that mean he’s ready for potty training? And while on the subject, I’m totally nervous about that process. 

I have books, I have blogs, I have my village, but here’s to totally winging it! 
#fostertoadopt #momlife #toddlerlife 

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