Single parenting is tough

Everyday I feel like I’m on the brink of losing it. After teaching all day, and then coming home to be mom, I’m pretty much done with being productive at anything.

  • I’m behind on grading. 
  • I know laundry is never caught up, but I had 3 overflowing baskets of dirty laundry (remember there are only two of us). 
  • I missed more school in the month of January than previous 9 years of teaching combined. 
  • Our place is so small, and I feel like nothing actually has a place and the mess just moves around the box we live in.
  • I’m not giving what I used to at work and I know I’m supposed to have this new priority but it feels like I’m just dropping the ball.
  • We don’t have a regular door over his bedroom, so when he first falls asleep if he hears noises he thinks it’s a party…no it’s dishes that aren’t getting done and piling up.
  • I beat myself up because I’m not productive after wrestling my future MMA fighter into pajamas and bed.

On top of needed some cheese with my whine! I have a very strong-willed little boy…which is probably God’s parental payback for me being a very strong-willed person. I’m filled with so many questions!!!!
How do I positively parent? How do I not parent with shaming because I’m frustrated because he’s thrown food all over? How do I get him to NOT throw his food? How do I not lose my mind when he fights me getting into clothes? How do I keep calm when he’s done something that is a serious danger to his health (like wiggling away from me as I’m getting clothes on him which almost caused him to take a header through the glass window!!!)? How do I make him realize that this is NOT mama’s happy face? How do I make him feel loved when I’ve given to so many kids in emotional need all day? How do I make sure he knows I love him even I just need 5 FREAKING MINUTES TO GET SOMETHING DONE? How do I deal with the fact that I’ve realized I’m a yeller – I react big. (And my voice carries really well. I come from a family of singers even though that’s not my thing, but I have lung power.) How do I be a good mom when I’m just plain tired? 

I’m counting down to summer vacation. I can’t wait to not have my focus split. 

So far I have survived 100% of my days as a parent. May not have been my finest days, but I have survived. 

#singleparentproblems #momlife #teachermom #survival 

6 thoughts on “Single parenting is tough

  1. I feel for you and I’m right there with ya…if we’re all being honest, we’re all right there with you. moming is freakin hard. like really, really difficult and we all have those seasons of being on the brink of losing it 24/7. Pick your battles-you can’t win them all, but you can win some and still have sanity. And don’t be so hard on yourself, none of us really have it together 100% even if we look like we do.
    good luck mama-you’re doing an amazing job.

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  2. You are a rockstar! Teaching to mold others’ children while raising you own! Amanda is right! Momming is really hard. Don’t beat yourself up. I think we all have that “chair” that just collects laundry that we will get to later. Those things aren’t what is important. The moments with your kids are and it sounds like you are one terrific mom. I look forward to reading more. Future MMA fighter had me laughing because I swear my son is the same way.

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  3. Same! And omgoodness…. I am so happy to hear that I am not the only one whose body will be found under mounds of laundry I can’t keep up with! We all got this though…. We breakdown every now and then and then we jump back in our badass mom shoes and we take Mama hood by storm!


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