Raising a geek

I have been a geek forever. We all have a fandom – might be tv, book, or sports based, but we all have one. This weekend I introduced Bubba to one of my fandoms – Doctor Who. We spent the weekend at Gallifrey One, a fan run convention. It really is the best run conventions I have ever been to. He was dressed as three different versions of the Doctor for each day. He was super stinkin adorable!!!

Convention with a kid is a new thing. I didn’t get to dry run with an infant. I showed up with a very mobile and active toddler. I got to see parts of 5 panels, not a complete one, but I was super into a lot this year anyway. He fell asleep in his stroller Saturday and soaked through his diaper, requiring a “reverse regeneration” into his previous costume. He was a total ham, unless someone put a camera on him then he got shy. 😳 I made sure Saturday (our only full day at the con) he had sensory deprivation time in the hotel room by mid-morning. That was a good thing! 

I can’t wait to share more of my geek love with him!! 
#geeklife #momlife #gallifreyone #gally1 #firstconvention #raisingageek 

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