Bubba is two! 

This weekend was the ninth month-versary of having custody of my little whirlwind, and today he turned TWO!!! I’m having his party on Saturday at my church’s picnic area (still need a neutral spot and holy cow indoor playgrounds are expensive?!?!) This morning we had his first ride in a forward facing car seat! He LOVED it! Giggled and wheeee’d most of the trip. 

I feel so blessed to have him in my life. I may be bone tired, behind on grading, and still on the parental learning curve, but I love him beyond words. I figure this picture epitomizes Bubba – and just like The Doctor, you have to run to keep up!! (He did love those long hallways of the hotel! LOL) 

#momlife #toddlerlife #fostertoadopt #run #two #twobignow 

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