Not Bubba, but make it chocolate and that’s what he looked like at his birthday party today. It was a beautiful day celebrating my little guy’s 2nd birthday! Sun was shining until we cleaned up the party, the field was mostly dry, and the wind held off all day. 

I still needed to keep it a “neutral” location, and while looking at indoor play grounds I was SHOCKED at the cost of nothing but space for 10 kids. 😱😱 Luckily my church has a picnic area that is covered, and they let me use it. Did a Mickey Mouse theme because Disney is a big part of our lives, and luckily I was able to get a ton of stuff from Dollar Tree!!!

Overall it was a beautiful and successful first time hosting a kid’s party! I am still in awe of the amazing and supportive village that is part of my journey with him, and how many friends and loved ones came to celebrate with us!! 

#sweetlifewithbubba #ohtwodles #birthdaycake #sugarrush #chocolatewasted #fostertoadopt

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