Laundry troubles

The laundry basket is never empty. Like ever. In fact, it has basically been overflowing since January. Not sure why, but I really don’t remember it being this bad before Christmas. 

Yesterday, I made the mistake of trying to fold the clothes while Bubba was awake. He was helping me take clothes out…of everything! The laundry basket, the dresser, the gift clothes I need to sort and store because they are too big. 

If it was clothing related, mama needed to have it handed to her. He really is a very helpful little guy. I try not to discourage the help, regardless of what it is, even if it’s causing a disaster. 

Needless to say, the next load of laundry I got washed is still sitting in the laundry basket. I’m going to attempt to grade while he’s napping, so the clothes will have to be wrinkled a bit longer! 
#momlife #teachermom #littlehelper #toddlerlife #fostertoadopt 

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