How do I get him to stop?!?

He has a billion toys. He has so many that I need to purge some after his birthday gifts. I have three shelves that are mine. Three! Why does he insist on going for my stuff?!?

He scary smart, so he knows the remotes make the TV turn on. I’d really rather not have to hunt down the remotes, so I try to keep them out of his grasp. Have I mentioned that he’s elastic, invisible, and can fly??? Plus he’s seen me turn the TV off by the button on the TV, so he tries to climb on the TV cabinet to reach the TV power button. 

For. Real. 

I have my books. Books to read. Most are YA for me to preview for my students. Some are “real” books for me – history books, Game of Thrones, etc. My books to keep are either stored in my classroom, in a box in storage, or locked up for display (like my hardcover Harry Potter books). He has three shelves of books. Leave mine alone! He has to practically hike to get to them….

He. Does. 

He’s tall enough now that the pretty objects – candles, pictures, plants – are now within his reach. I guess ALL of my pretty is moving to the ceiling. Seriously, I have a shelf in my kitchen that is about a foot from the ceiling, and that shelf has most of my pretty. 

Bye. Pretty. 

My purse, which has all kinds of this I don’t want him playing with, he goes right for it if he sees it. Since we are in a one bedroom, and the room is his, I’m still trying to figure out where to store my purse when home. Somewhere relatively convenient for me, but not for him. 

He’s. Everywhere. 

But seriously, how do you teach a toddler to not touch stuff?!? With love, and kindness, and not losing your mind? Is that too much? So far, I try the remove from the situation and distract. I use “no” for safety situations, but try to use regular phrases for non-life threatening moments. But then how do I get him to understand that we are NOT playing a fun game of keep away where mama’s increasing frustration is NOT funny. 

Any ideas? 
#momlife #toddlerlife #fostertoadopt #discipline #donttouch 

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