The best laid plans

I had so many plans for the last two days of my Easter break while he was in daycare. I say had because he’s sick. Well, he might have pink eye.

He’s been having allergies the last few days, slight runny nose, etc. Yesterday, we played hooky from responsibilities and went to Disneyland. We went for the infamous Rose Cups, but alas they were out. We played a bit in Toon Town and I noticed goop in his eyes. And moments later more goop! So much eye boogers!!! 

We left earlier than I planned because I was worried he had pink eye. Leaving right at rush hour meant that we had to be in the car for almost 3 hours. I had left his doctor appointment folder, the one with the forms to fill out and his mediCal card at home, so we couldn’t go to an urgent care near us. We, of course, missed the doctor’s office and even the urgent care we usually go to. I decided to hold off until morning, since he didn’t seem to be in pain. 

This morning, we got up and spent a couple hours trying to remind still-ish and quiet-ish at the urgent care. Finally got seen, but the doctor didn’t officially diagnose pink eye, just said she’d treat it like pink eye. He fell asleep shortly before we got home, so I attempted a real nap…which didn’t happen of course! So we ventured out to get the prescription, and finally were home by almost 4 pm. 

My entire plans for today, tomorrow, and this weekend have flown to the island of “You made plans? Ha! Whatcha this!”  It’s hard to not be totally pissy and short tempered. I’m trying to look at it as 4 solid days with my boy before the last push of the school year, and not focus on all the unchecked boxes on my to do list. 

The bathroom will get finished eventually. I will get to my grading that I was behind on leading up to my school’s D.C./NYC trip that backed up to Easter break. I will plan some lessons before class starts. 

I’m a recovering workaholic trying to focus on my real priority. It sucks, but I’m trying! 

#momlife #toddlerlife #pinkeye #urgentcare #teachermom #bestlaidplans 

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