I went shopping…

Online at least. And bought a couple clothing items for myself! 

I needed to replace my go to black pencil skirt that had an unfortunate incident with a falling bottle of bleach. The falling wasn’t the problem, it was the explosion when it hit the ground.  It was a sad day. I didn’t realize how often I wear it until it was out of my work skirt rotation. 

I buy him stuff all the time. Plus I have friends who have generously donated items to me from their slightly older sons, so I technically don’t need to buy him clothes for like a year! 

I felt I took care of business buying a skirt and a new top…from Amazon. Going to a store is too much of a challenge still. Maybe in the summer when I don’t have school and he still has daycare. 

#sweetlifewithbubba #momlife #toddlerlife #clothing #shopping #fostertoadopt 

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