Could you BE any slower? 

I’m a control freak. I will totally admit that. Being single my whole life, and only having roommates a few years of adulthood has definitely contributed to my contol freakness. 

I know as a control freak that it could translate to a child who is incapable of doing anything by himself, because I’m doing everything for him. So I’m trying very hard to let him do things on his own.

Oh. Em. Gee.

Climbing into his car seat means checking out whatever happened to be on the floor, or looking at something that’s in another seat, or playing in his mirror. It doesn’t actually mean climbing into the seat so I can buckle him.

And of course that’s only the beginning. So I’m trying to be Elsa and let it go, so that he can learn how to do things on his own.

Of course doing this also means I am really starting to understand the mom wine culture of today. 😂

#sweetlifewithbubba #fostertoadopt #controlfreak #momlife #toddlerlife #learning #independence 

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