Lotion commotion

I wish I had recorded bedtime tonight. A very tired toddler, fresh from the bath, was getting his nightly lotion put on, but he wanted to help, so I gave him a dollop in his hand…and it went hilariously wrong from there.

He wiped it on his belly as instructed, but was appalled to tears that it was no longer on his hand. That’s right, he wept. Large rolling tears from his eyes down to the belly that had the misplaced lotion. As I’m trying not to laugh, I ask him if he needs a hug, and his mournful “yeah” allowed me to cradle him to hide my laughter. Hopefully he took my body shaking as commiseration and not emotional torment. (🤣 me)

When he collected himself, he decided he wanted more. I stupidly complied. There is not lotion on him except the spot that was smushed into his belly, most of which transferred to my shirt in the hug. We do this again, only this time he wants lotion on both hands. As I’m trying to get some on his legs (he has very dry skin), his hand runs into my arm. *cue huge tears in 3…2…1…* to express his frustration, he runs the offending hand (with a decent amount of lotion still on it) through his hair. He flops himself on the ground, narrowly missing the corner of the bed (😱 me), and I offer another hug. He clamors up for a hug only to put the other hand down on the ground, and mess up that hand’s lotion pile. (😳😂 me)

We are now both crying (I’m hiding my smile in a hug), and I’m trying to explain that just like every night the lotion is supposed to go onto the body, and that he can’t go to bed with it in his hands because it will get messed up anyway, so just be Elsa and let it go….when he calms down (no thanks really to my comforting speech I’m sure, but I managed not to sound too amused through the whole thing), we get the pj’s on. (👊🏻 myself)

He’s still sniffling and then he sees a toy, and he’s a totally happy kid smashing it onto his train track. I distract the destruction with teeth brushing and bedtime finishes without a hitch. (🙌🏻 me) Of course we both smell like lavender and what little mascara I had on today is now smeared all over my face. (🍷 me)

#SweeterLifeWithCharlie #bedtime #MomLife #toddlerlife

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