I’m done adulting today

IMG_3210Today. I am done with adulting. ……..
Crazy day at school for a myriad of reasons you wouldn’t expect. Adults are usually the cause of rough days at school and the kids usually wonder what crazy train I took. Today was hella crazy on all fronts. ………
The boy didn’t nap and had an epic meltdown after his soccer class, fell asleep for a few minutes in the car of exhaustion but didn’t transition to bed. Finally got his grumpy self into bed, but it took a cup of milk which means he’s going to totally soak his nighttime diaper. Just praying that doesn’t wake him at 3am. Thank the lord I had left over spaghetti from a potluck Saturday so dinner was painless. ……….
Took to garbage out, about to wash dishes, and then I am going to bed. Really trying to remind myself that calling in sick and going to Disneyland tomorrow won’t actually help my life. ……….

……….meme credit: http://thehumortrain.com/post/173272329533/60-of-todays-freshest-pics-and-memes
#mylifeisamommeme #crazyday#itsonlymonday #isitfridayyet
#toddlermeltdowns #momlife #toddlerlife

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