Safe Socks

IMG_3209There wasn’t a meme appropriate for this discovery – The Return of the Socks!!! For many days, unbeknownst to me the extent, my son would remove his shoes and socks on the bus and toss the socks around. He was strapped in the seatbelt/harness thing, so I think he was kicking off the shoes and managing to grab the socks. We lost lots of socks. He was on the verge of getting written up for the sick throwing. For real………I pride myself on the caliber of geeky socks my child has. I ended up buying lace-up high-top Converse Chucks that he can’t take off himself. Heck I can barely get the stupid things on him! In today’s backpack from school, these three lost socks have returned. It’s practically biblical.
#momlife #missingsocks #returnfrombeyond#whykidwhy #toddlerlife

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