And so we have a diagnosis

autism parent is like

We moved to Arizona. Less than two weeks later I received the evaluation that said he’s Autism Level 2. It explains a lot, but still…

Had I had the info before, I might not have moved. Had I had the info before, I would have set him up for life differently. Now we’re playing catch-up and making big changes while I’m working full-time again.

Navigating this in a new state where the rules are just enough different and resources have different enough names that I feel that I stepped into a parallel universe on July 1st (ok really July 19th is when I got the letter).

I still haven’t totally processed what it means for our life. As a teacher I have a different level of knowledge of autism. I know the classroom face of autism. Autism in the home looks different.

More thoughts to come as I process.

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